We are learning to use basic facts in a variety of ways

Use these sites to practise your basic facts

Bitesize - Choose the Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division sites. See which level you can get to.

Skill Builders - Race against the clock and others in these single or multi player games

Pyramid Addition Add number pairs to reach the top of the pyramid. Work your way up the levels

Around the World in 80 Seconds - Practice basic facts as you fly around the world. Choose from 2 difficulty levels and + - x or ÷


Count on Convicts -


Times Tables Grid Choose the times table you need to practise in a grid. Use the timer to see how fast you can do them

Fridge Magnets - Practise your tables with or without a timer. Make the answer or make the question

Bonk the Mole - Do you know your tables? Beat the moles, I got 70

Beach Rush - pass the tables test to play the game
Knights of Maths - Pass your tables test to build your own castle
Cone Crazy - See which ice creams the penguins want. Look out if you get it wrong